Monday, April 19, 2021

JuJu The Three Legged Rescue Dog Inspires So Many


"Monday April 13 marked the 8th anniversary  of when I adopted Juju so I have been feeling reflective this week about how much joy he has brought me.  I have loved all my dogs, each have been special in their own way, but I have to say Juju is extra special. Every day he inspires me with how much he loves life and how well adapted he is to life on 3 legs.  It’s interesting that people I don’t even know  often stop me while we are out walking and they tell me that they  feel inspired by him. For example one day a lady stopped her car to tell me that her dog had been recovering from a serious injury and the vet had told her he might never walk again.  She said that seeing Juju walking all over the neighborhood every day gave her hope through that difficult recovery and she wanted me to know how much it helped her keep hope.  Another day a man stopped me to tell me that he always sees Juju enjoying life inspite of his disability and it  helps him to put his own problems in perspective.  People also often stop me and say, “Oh he sure was  lucky you rescued him with a leg missing” but I  have to reply, “ I  think I’m the lucky one! “  He is an amazing, fun and wonderful  little guy. Your Power Probiotic helps to keep him healthy, too."


Randi- California

JuJu' story from November 2017

JuJu The Three Legged Rescue Dog


"I adopted Juju 4 years ago...I was visiting a friend’s farm out in Temecula and he and I fell in love right away. She had rescued him but couldn’t keep him.  She had been working at the shelter the day they brought him in with a shattered leg and no tags. They were going to have to put him down, but she said even with a shattered leg his little tail was wagging and his eyes were begging her for help.  She raised the money for the amputation on Facebook. He has his own Facebook page “Juju: A Three Legged Dog’s Incredible Journey” so that donors would be able to follow his progress. I always tell him we both won the lottery that day!  He is a true joy and so well adapted to life on 3 legs.

Since Sammie passed away last year it’s just been Juju and I…  When I first got him he had parasites, but even after we cleared that up at the vet, his appetite was poor and his stool was always rock-hard and strange looking. Sammie was taking the Power Probiotic so I started putting some in Juju’s food twice a day. It really helped his digestion and his stools became normal. He could finally eat normally and could easily go to the bathroom. I decided it was worth the price to have him on a really good probiotic and your products are always the best. 


Thanks again for all you do for animals!"   Randi- California