Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Natural Remedies For Cat Vomiting Help Senior Rescue Kitty

Roscoe is a 12 year old rescue kitty who was frequently vomiting after eating.  His mom, Jeanette, started him on Gastro ULC and Power Probiotic, natural remedies for cat vomiting.  We thank Jeanette for sharing Roscoe's story:

"The vet couldn’t pinpoint his issue. The vet put him on a regime of antibiotics thinking he may be suffering from a condition similar to Lyme disease.  The antibiotics seemed to help, then not at all. He was also wormed as a precaution.  He continued to lose more weight and energy, although he wanted to eat. He just couldn’t keep it down. I started giving Roscoe the Gastro-ULC.  I crush the pills and sprinkle onto his food. It took a couple of weeks before I started to see improvement.  He seems to have finally stabilized and is gaining weight and energy. I am excited about his progress. "      Jeanette, MI