Friday, January 15, 2021

Natural Remedies Help Pudelpointer Get Joint Pain Relief


"Our 7 year old Pudelpointer Ember suffered a devastating leg injury 2 years ago.  She suffered a committed fracture which required multiple surgeries and plating of her leg.  Her vet recommended several supplements and we even tried injections to reduce her pain and limping.  I turned to Ask Ariel for help and started Ember on Ultraflex and Arthrosoothe.  Within two weeks, she had completely stopped limping and was running like the wind!  She was doing so well, when the supplements ran out, we didn't  bother to refill.   Fast forward a few months and the poor  dog is limping again with no initiating incident.  We put Ember back on Arthrosoothe and Ultraflex and it worked even faster this time!  No more going off supplements, thank you for helping our dear, sweet Ember.     Lynette, CA