Monday, January 25, 2021

Can Supplements For Feline Asthma Really Help?

Julianne found Mini when she was getting home from the hospital. We are so happy Minanne is feeling better and appreciate Julianne sharing Minianne's success story using Ask Ariel supplements.

 "Mini and I found each other in 2015 after I had finally gotten home from the hospital after being in a bad car accident. I had to have my leg amputated, and when I found her, she was very sick with an upper respiratory infection and feline herpes. So we got better together! Mini still has some residual health issues like feline asthma and severe allergies, but she takes AllerEaze and Power Probiotic which have helped her tremendously! Since she’s started taking these allergy supplements for cats, Minianne doesn’t have nearly as many asthma attacks or sneezing fits. Her ears used to itch her constantly, which the vet said was related to her allergies. Now, after taking AllerEaze for several months, that problem is also under control. I’m furrever grateful to Ask Ariel for making supplements that actually work, and that I can feel good about giving to my little one!"