Monday, December 14, 2020

Dog Seizure Success Stories - Husky Celebrates 3 Years Without a Seizure


I am thrilled to report that our 12 year old rescue dog Legend just reached an amazing milestone. Legend has had epilepsy since he was a young pup. For 8 years we were able to manage his condition with only an occasional seizure here and there. Dog seizures holistic treatments such as vitamins and a hypoallergenic diet helped him greatly.  But when he turned 9 and got older, the disease progressed and he developed horrific cluster seizures. Cluster seizures are when a dog has one and then has another —sometimes minutes after—sometimes hours. In Legend’s case, he would experience about 5 over a day and a half and you never knew if the episode was going to end until a few days passed. We are so grateful for the help of two special veterinarians, Dr. Michelle Murray, veterinary neurologist at NEST Veterinary Neurology and Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian at @archbeachvet. Our beloved Legend has had 3 wonderful, seizure-free years. Dog seizures and allergies are integrally linked.  It's important to feed your dog a hypoallergenic diet and use supplements to control allergy symptoms. If you would like to learn more about Legend’s story, please click here.