Saturday, November 14, 2020

Dangerous Toxic Hazards To Pets May Be In Your Garage

Here’s something to consider, especially if you have recently brought home a new pet. Your garage could contain a lot of toxic hazards to pets! Legend is tall and years ago, he managed to reach up to a shelf and knock over what he thought was food but was a tomato-shaped fertilizer container. We fortunately heard the racket and found him just about to gobble it up. Be sure to keep these garage products that are dangerous for pets out of reach: Fertilizer, Antifreeze, Automotive Products, Cleaners, Pesticides (especially rat poison), Glue. Pets can be attracted to the taste or smell of them. If you think your pet has ingested any of these items, please contact your vet or pet poison control helpline right away. Every second counts. For more pet health tips click here to visit Ask Ariel