Monday, August 31, 2020

Endorphins And How Exercise Can Benefit Your Dog

We have all heard the phrase “runner’s high” in athletes and the same holds true for pets. A good exercise session (and the release of endorphins) not only improves muscle strength and circulation, but also supports brain health. Exercise, especially in active and working dog breeds, can help with some behavioral problems too: Compulsive Behavior (e.g tail chasing and chewing), Puppy and Hyperactivity  as well as Destructive Behavior (e.g. digging) can be reduced or eliminated when a pet is exercised. Keeping your kitty busy with lots of toys (such as a laser or feather toy) during the day can help everyone sleep better at night. Exercise also helps pets with anxiety as endorphins from exercise can help to calm an anxious pet. For example, walking your nervous pup can help Lick Granulomas, skin lesions caused by obsessive licking, which are often started from anxiety. Try to plan out a little block of time every day to spend with your cat or dog (young or old) exercising as a tired pet is a happy ❤️ pet. For more information about pet health and nutrition visit