Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Vicious Cycle Of Antibiotics For Pets

Antibiotics are a pet's first line of defense against infection. Overuse can create a vicious cycle where infections reappear a few days after the medication ends. Long term antibiotic use can weaken your pet's immune system. If your pet is getting repeated infections, take a close look at what’s in your pet’s diet and treats. Your pet’s food may contain allergens, such as poultry or grains. Feeding a low carbohydrate, hypoallergenic diet and giving your pet a few immune support supplements can help reduce the need for antibiotics. Many pet owners ask "can I give my pet probiotics with an antibiotic".  The answer is yes.  in fact, giving probiotics two hours after giving your pet an antibiotic can help replenish your pet's good bacteria which is destroyed by antibiotics and is essential for long term immunity.  To learn more about helping your pet build a healthy immune system, please click here