Friday, June 26, 2020

Fluid Therapy Can Be A Life Saver for Cats And Dogs With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease affects many senior pets, especially cats. The kidneys remove waste from the bloodstream and regulate fluids in your pet’s body. If  your pet has kidney disease and the kidneys are not able to function as well as they should, toxins build up in the bloodstream making your pet feel nauseated and sick--a condition known as uremia. 

Using fluid therapy is a way to help restore good hydration and supplement a pet's kidney function, removing waste products from the bloodstream. Each pet will have a different fluid therapy protocol based on their health needs.  Fluids can be given at your veterinarian’s office or many pet owners can learn (from their vet) to give them in their own home saving a trip to the vet. 

The two most common types of fluid therapies are: 

Intravenous fluids (IV fluids) which are given at the veterinary office and are injected directly into a vein (usually on the front paw) using a catheter 

Subcutaneous (SubQfluid administration is when the fluid is injected under the skin and is absorbed into the bloodstream and the body slowly over time (can be done at home or in your veterinarian's office). 

Kidney disease can include a number of challenging symptoms including: Increased thrist and urine production, decreased appetite, vomiting and diarrhea to name a few, but there are many other signs and many can occur simutaneously.  Diet changes and natural supplements can help.  For more detailed information on the signs and how to treat Kidney Disease holistically please  click here