Monday, June 8, 2020

Can Your Senior Dog Benefit From Resveratrol?

Antioxidants are essential nutrients for all pets, but especially senior pets. They can help slow the destructive aging process on the cellular level. These essential nutrients can help extend your pet’s quality of life as well as their longevity. Antioxidants can help maintain cognitive function, cardiovascular health, kidney function in senior pets, as well as many other benefits such as cancer prevention. Click here for more information. Ideally, a pet would get all their needed antioxidants from their diet, but this becomes increasing difficult as your pet ages. Supplementing with high-quality antioxidants and adding antioxidant rich foods to their diet can help your senior pet stay happy and energetic.

Resveratrol is an exceptional antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage. Research on resveratrol's benefits for brain health are underway as there have been promising results in treating human Alzheimer patients as well as anecdotal reports of increased energy levels and alertness in senior dogs. Many clients report that Ask Ariel’s Resveratrol For Dogs has put a bounce back in their senior dog’s step, given them increased energy and joie de vivre.