Saturday, April 4, 2020

Dog Dementia Brain Supplement Helped Willie!

"I received your Dog Brain Booster for my 16 yo terrier mix, Willie, several weeks ago and the results have been amazing. Recently, Willie was exhibiting what I referred to as doggie dementia.  He was anxious, would wander around the house like he was lost, was urinating in the house and at night would be pacing until we went to bed.  He has been taking your Brain Booster for approximately 3 weeks and is like a new dog.  He's more alert, has less wandering and anxiety and few or no accidents in the house.  He was a rescue 8 years ago and has always been very shy and afraid but he seems calmer and a little more loving.

Thank you for your product!"  


Willie was 8 years old and had been surrendered to the shelter twice before he found is forever home with Jackie.   He had severe allergies and had suffered a traumatic injury to his hind leg leading to him having trouble walking.  With her love and commitment to giving him a better life, they have managed to get his allergies under control and give him daily walks which helped his legs. His "doggie dementia" is no different. We are happy the
Dog Brain Booster  is helping Willie!