Monday, January 20, 2020

Silver Immune Supplement Helps Senior Cat's Sinus Infection


"I have a pride of 6 kitties, worked at a VCA myself for a good 20 years and was a "foster failure". I had Herpes run through the house when they were babies and I'm over here with 6 cats all about 15 years old with multiple outbreaks when I no longer work in the vet field. I was a little apprehensive about my first order for Baby who has been battling sinuses for quite some time and at this point is unresponsive to antibiotic use. So I went ahead and ordered and all I can say is I wish that Silver Immune was available in bulk! How did I go this long as a pet owner and not have that stuff on hand!? It's not like other silvers I have discovered. I did have to experiment with the dosing. This has even helped her when she came down with an abscess on the side of her face (all indoor cats but once a year its bound to happen with all of them). To my surprise no rupture. Just a reduction of swelling and the product saved me yet another full priced vet bill (spoiled former employee!). Thank you. Looks like I'm a lifer!"

Raven, Oregon