Saturday, November 16, 2019

Helping Dogs With Alopecia Naturally

Alopecia (hair loss) in dogs is common and can be due to allergies, infection, parasites, fleas or an endocrine disorder. It is important to see your vet for a diagnoses. With proper treatment and some patience, your dog can regain a healthy coat. Ask Ariel has extensive experience helping dogs with alopecia. Feeding a hypoallergenic diet along with natural remedies such as K9 Yeast Defense, AllerEaze and Amazing Omegas have helped many dogs regrow a lustrous coat. Please click on the link to learn more about the causes of hair loss.

AllerEaze Cats and dogs with hair loss may itch, scratch and chew on their skin. Hair may fall out due to infections on the skin and exposure to allergens such as food, grass, plants and dust. AllerEaze is nature's own "Benadryl" containing ingredients that naturally reduce the histamine response, easing allergy symptoms.

French Bulldog Finds Relief 
From Scratching and Hair Loss


“Dear Susan:
Our sweet French Bulldog Maestro was scratching his face and tearing his fur out. He is very sensitive and we didn't want to keep giving him prescription medications. Benadryl would just knock him out and we wanted our doggie to feel better. We tried several diet changes and a few itch-relief products from other brands but nothing worked. Then, we found AskAriel. I am happy to report that after using the 
Amazing OmegasK9 Digestive EnzymesPower ProbioticK9 Yeast DefenseProaller and QuentaSAN, Maestro started to get better right away. He loves the Amazing Omegas on his food! A patch of fur that he kept chewing on is finally growing back. Thanks for the diet tips too. We are very happy we found Ask Ariel.”

Amy, Orange County CA