Thursday, October 3, 2019

Could Your Kitty's Wheezing, Coughing Or Difficulty Breathing Be Asthma?

Can Cats Have Asthma? 

Could your kitty's wheezing, coughing or difficulty breathing be asthma? A slight cough can progress into chronic episodes of respiratory distress. A cat asthma attack is an immune related condition that can be triggered by an allergy (e.g. pollen, grass), environmental toxins (smoke, cleaning products) or stress. Ask Ariel's Feline Asthma Kit is a trio of tasteless, liquid supplements to reduce inflammation & support your cat's immune system. Lifestyle changes, feeding a hypoallergenic diet and using the Feline Asthma Kit, can reduce the frequency & severity of your cat's asthma attacks.

Natural Remedies for Feline Asthma

Olive Leaf Extract For Pets

  • Scientifically Proven To Support A Healthy Immune System
  • Powerful Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal Supplement For Dogs and Cats
  • Natural Remedy For Allergies, Feline Upper Respiratory Infections, Skin Conditions and Yeast Infections
  • Antioxidant and Phenolic Compounds - Standardized To Contain 20% Oleuropein

  • Ancient Herbal Remedy - Used Since Biblical Times

  • Trio of three liquid immune support formulas (Silver Immune Support, QuentaSAN drops and NotaSAN drops)
  • Easy to use drops (with minimal smell and taste - no alcohol)
  • Reduces inflammation which triggers asthma attacks
  • Clears up sinuses, nasal tract and improves breathing
  • Gentle, natural formulas that pets can take along with antibiotics
  • Supports your pet's own immune system to reduce viral flareups or asthma attacks

Save $10 With The Asthma Kit vs Purchasing The Products Separately
QuentaSAN Drops - A powerful anti-viral, anti-infection homeopathic remedy. These homeopathic drops are the first line of defense with any upper respiratory condition. QuentaSAN drops work best when combined with NotaSAN drops. The two formulas work synergistically to control infections and inflammation. QuentaSAN seems to be especially helpful for lung-related health issues. Many cat owners have reported excellent results relieving continual discharge, runny nose and sneezing related to viruses when QuentaSAN and NotaSAN drops were administered.

NotaSAN Drops - A powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-infection formula. These homeopathic drops are especially important for relieving allergy symptoms. NotaSAN, when combined with QuentaSAN works very well to control chronic upper respiratory infections, asthma, eye and nasal discharge. The two formulas are tasteless drops that can be easily administered to cats.

Silver Immune Support For Pets
- Easy to use, anti-infection liquid. These nontoxic drops are safe for tiny kittens and shown in research to help reduce viral replication. By reducing infection, inflammation is reduced in the membranes, reducing mucous making it easier to breathe.