Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sago Palm Can Be Deadly For Pets

The Sago Palm has beautiful feathery foliage and is a very popular plant that is easy to grow either indoor or outdoor as it requires minimal care. However, this beautiful plant can be deadly for your pet.  It is important to be aware that while all parts of the Sago Palm are poisonous,  the seed (nut) is considered the most toxic as it contains the most Cycasin, which can lead to severe liver failure in dogs.

A dog can start to have a reaction within 15 minutes of ingesting the plant, but it can also take several hours which may make it difficult to know what is causing your pet the distress.  The amount ingested relative to the size of your pet can affect the level of toxicity. Every minute can count and the key to a favorable outcome is to seek immediate medical attention if you think your pet has consumed Sago Palm.

With early detection and quick treatment, a positive prognosis is possible and many dogs and cats make a full recovery. But, fast action is essential so that a veterinarian can use medical treatments to eliminate the toxin.  Short-term and long-term supportive care for liver function will also most likely be required.

Common signs of Sago Palm Poisoning
·         Vomiting
·         Diarrhea
·         Lethargy
·         Inappetence
·         Abnormal fluid accumulation in the abdomen
·         Abdominal pain
·         Jaundice

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