Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Many Cats Love The Outdoors But How To Keep Them Safe?

It’s a big world outside and so much to explore. Cats have a natural curiosity that can be stimulated by the sights, sounds and smells; as well as other exciting things like insects, shadows, birds and plants in the great outdoors.  Keeping your cat safe outdoors is a challenge however as there are cars, predators, bully cats,  poisonous plants and dangerous substances.  Having a "catio" is an ideal situation where kitty can enjoy the outdoors but remain safe.  Catios come in different varieties, multi-levels with all kinds of perches and designs for backyards and window boxes.  Other options include training your kitty to walk on a harness or walking together in a stroller.  If you do let your cat outside, be sure your kitty has a microchip and collar with a current ID tag.