Saturday, July 6, 2019

Is Your Cat Itchy Or Have Runny Eyes From Allergies? Natural Supplements Can Help

Does your kitty have bald patches, runny eyes, snoring (due to throat irritation), itchy skin or excess scratching? Could be seasonal allergies.  If you are wondering if your cat can take Benadryl,  please know that there are natural allergy medications for cats that can relieve symptoms.   Proaller and NotaSAN drops are time-tested easy to use homeopathic drops for cats with seasonal allergies.  Combining supplements for cat allergies with a hypoallergenic feline diet can greatly improve your cat's allergy symptoms.   Please click here to learn more.

"Molly Marie, our kitty, was very sick and had fleas, ear mites and hot spots when we rescued her. We took her to the vet numerous times and she was treated with antibiotics and steroids that proved to be unsuccessful. We had blood work done and determined that she had a staph infection on the hot spots as well as an infection in her pancreas and a UTI, too. She once again took antibiotics and everything healed except the hot spots, which by this time had become a lot worse with the largest one being the size of a lemon. I tried organic shampoo, sprays and creams—nothing worked. My cat was itchy and I was looking for a natural supplement.

I consulted AskAriel and based on Susan’s recommendation, I changed her cat food and used ProAllerAmazing Omegas and NotaSAN. I am so happy to report that Molly is on the mend. She is almost totally healed. Her largest spot is now the size of a dime and she is eating well and starting to gain some weight. Molly's hair is starting to grow back and her coat is very soft. I don't know what we would have done if not for Susan, her staff and her amazing products. My family and I thank her and most of all, Molly thanks her as she is getting better every day. Thank you Susan for all of your help and for how much you care about our little animals." 

Sincerely, Shelley B in PA.