Thursday, April 25, 2019

SAMe And Natural Treatments For Hip Dysplasia Keep Border Collie Dot Moving!

"Dot was diagnosed with bladder crystals at 10 weeks of age (she is now 7 years old). For the remainder of that year she was on antibiotics, as problems would recur. I wanted to stop that cycle of treatment that was expensive and offered no solutions, while filling her little body with antibiotics. That is when I found you on-line… I began Power Probiotic and  fish oil (Amazing Omegas) supplementation ( and changed diet after it was discovered that Dot had allergies). She did not have another episode of bladder problems. Her diet has changed little... She takes Power Probiotic  every day ... has never been sick and has no bad breath. 

At age 2 Dot was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia, common in both her breeds of Border Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog. Because I know the side effects of traditional anti-inflammatories, I started her on ArthroSoothe For Pets... at a dosage less than recommended. She had some limping. I began giving the recommended dose and she has done very well. Lesson learned. If there was a flare up of her hip dysplasia, I added Canine Comfort, which helped quickly. Also started CBD Oil within the past year, which has been a good addition. She recently had a wonderful day playing in the creek, chasing sticks. Putting weight on that leg is now painful for her, so I added Special SAMe. A hip replacement may be in the future, but I feel the supplements and natural treatments have been beneficial in helping keep her active and in good muscle tone, which, even with a replacement, would improve results. With activity limitation and a cut back on food, resulting in weight loss and the increased supplementation, I hope we get through this episode. I often wonder what we would have done without the help of you and the products."

Linda- Arkansas