Friday, December 7, 2018

Kidney Disease Supplements Help Beautiful Labrador Pippi Feel Better!

"Here is a picture of my Pippi.  She is so gentle and loving.  The kidney supplement protocol did wonders for Pippi.  Even the vet was excited!  She is doing so well.  We got her test results back and her results were NORMAL!!!  Thank you for all your help.   Please tell Susan how grateful we are for all her research and work she's done to make the Kidney Disease Protocol."

Rebecca, ME

At the age of 10 Pippi was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Her mom Rebecca sought out a holistic dog kidney disease protocol to help control the disease. The natural supplements she used to help Pippi's kidney disease were Kidney Health, Renelix, Power Probiotic and Purrfect Pet CoQ10.  We are happy to report that Pippi is still enjoy her long walks and senior years with the help of Ask Ariel 's dog kidney supplements.