Saturday, November 24, 2018

Aussie Mix Rescued From A Fire In Wyoming Gets A New Leash On Life!

Holiday miracles do come true ❤️ Ruger is posed so regally because he knows he has finally found a home at last. This sweet, older dog was so terribly neglected for such a long time. (Please refer to our post on October 14.) Ruger was rescued running from the flames of a forest fire in WY. But his life before had been very hard too. Ruger was very neglected by his owner (see picture below), was emaciated with a very thin coat living outside as the cold fall weather approached. Enter: the kindest, most compassionate animal lover Jeff who just happened to hear about his plight. Ruger got a whole new leash on life! He now goes on fun hiking adventures (please swipe to see pic with his Dad and brother Aussie), has a warm bed to sleep on inside and a huge family to love him. Please consider opening your home and your heart to a homeless dog or cat. These animals make wonderful pets and there are so many in need in every community The biggest question you will have is who rescued who? 

Ruger on the day he was rescued.  He was so sad, his coat was thin and sparse and he was terribly emaciated.  We are so glad that he is now a happy rescue dog story!