Thursday, October 18, 2018

What Causes Mucus in My Pet's Poop?

What does it mean if I see mucus in my pet's stool?  Usually a small amount of mucus (slimy substance that is made to help lubricate and protect the colon) is not a major reason to be concerned, but if it is abundant and frequent it may be a sign of a digestive system problem that needs to be resolved.

Common Causes Of Mucus In Poop
  • An upset stomach from eating bad food or garbage
  • Inflammation of the colon (colitis)
  • Parasites
  • Viral infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • An intestinal foreign body
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disease (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Your veterinarian will perform a complete examination and fecal analysis.  They may also do other lab tests, X-rays or an ultrasound if looking for a foreign object.  If your pet does have ongoing digestive issues, than a change in diet and supportive digestive supplements can really help.  

Ask Ariel's Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Kit  is a great place to start if you have a cat or small dog.

The IBD Kit includes 3 gentle, natural remedies that have been specially formulated for IBD and digestive system inflammation and have been used together to successfully help pets find relief from symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, tummy rumbling, mucus in stool, hunching over and inappetance.   The Kit includes Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief and NotaSAN Anti-Inflammatory Drops. When a pet has an upset tummy,  it is important to use a combination of supplements because they work differently to help reduce the symptoms and repair the intestinal lining.

Power Probiotic Pure, safe and natural--absolutely no fillers! Power Probiotic repopulates good intestinal flora which is essential for pets with malabsorption and digestive issues. Power Probiotic supports your pet's bowel and immune health, reducing inflammation and improving digestive discomfort.

Soothing Digestive Relief Gentle, effective formula for the treatment of any type of indigestion in pets. Helps with gas, loose stool, mucous in stool, tummy rumbling, diarrhea and malabsorption.  

NotaSAN Drops and Capsules – Natural homeopathic formula that controls inflammation and infection and helps with allergy symptoms.  Clients report improved well being overall.  Very important for pets with autoimmune conditions.  Gentle, easy to administer and safe for long-term use.  

Gastro ULC - Provides natural stomach acid relief, coating the stomach to relieve pain.  Many pets have an improved appetite after using Gastro ULC. 

K9 Digestive Enzymes (for larger dogs)- This powerful digestive enzyme is more complex than typical pet enzymes and helps pets digest protein and fats.  Contains HCL and pancreatin--two animal-based nutrients that help ensure proper digestion of protein and reduction in symptoms related to poor digestion.