Monday, October 29, 2018

5 Pet Safety Tips For A Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful time of year but can be a scary time for cats and dogs.   With all the festivities, our natural protective guard is down and accidents can happen.  Planning ahead will keep your pet safe.  Here are 5 essential Halloween pet safety tips.

1.  Candy Keep candy away from your furry friend.  Chocolate and Xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many sugar-free products (including gum) can be extremely toxic to pets.  

2. ID Tag On Collar -  With the opening and closing of the door multiple times, your pet could escape. Be sure your pet has a current ID tag secured onto the collar.

3.  Feed Pets Early - With all the candy and food around, it's easy for pesky paws to find it especially if they are hungry.  Plan to feed your pets early before dark.  Even the most caring pet owners can forget it's dinner time with all the festive activities.

4.  Reduce Stress and Noise - While some pets are naturally gregarious, many get nervous from the doorbell ringing, strange costumes and activity.  If your pet likes a quiet home, be sure to secure them in a quiet room with toys, blankets, food and water.  If your  pets live outside,  please be sure that gates are locked, pets have been fed and check on them as much as possible.  

5.  Costumes If you are dressing up your pet, try the costume on before Halloween to make sure it fits comfortably so your pet can get used to it.  Costumes can hinder a pet's movement and/or vision and can also be stressful for them.

Planning ahead is a must.  Think about your Halloween plans and take a few extra minutes to figure out how you will manage your pet's care too.  Wishing you and your pets a safe and Happy Halloween!