Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hope For Sick Pets -- Wellness Is A Healing Journey

Hi, It’s me Legend.  I wanted to send you an inspirational message to tell you to that even when it seems there is no hope, sometimes miracles can happen.  Today is a day to celebrate! It’s the 8th of the month and it is 8 months since I had my last grand mal seizure.   We want to thank everypawdy who supported us and cheered us on even after it seemed there wasn’t going to be a rainbow for me. I had one seizure after another and Momma tried everything.  We kept fighting on—over and over with no stone unturned.  Momma never gave up on me.  Finally we found the answer and suddenly all of the other things we tried came together.  It wasn’t just one drug, or one supplement—-it was all the things we learned along the way on our journey that finally came together.  So now I am sending you love and hope and if you are feeling discouraged, please think of my story and keep forging on.
❤️With Love and Heartfelt Thanks, Legend

If your pet isn't feeling well, we understand how troubling that can be. If you have questions about your dog, or wondering what else you can do to help your sick cat, please reach out to us.   While we can't provide any type of veterinary or consultative advice, we can provide you with links to articles that can help you better understand how you can help your pet.  Wellness is a journey and holistic healing has many ups and down.  Please feel free to email us at