Friday, July 13, 2018

Natural Supplements For Cats With IBD And Allergies

Update June 2018
“Nala has been doing so well with her IBS! I currently wrote ask Ariel with some questions about allergies because Nala was extra itchy and had some health issues I hadn’t seen before. They wrote me back the very same day.   I started her on their NotaSAN drops and I’m seeing such an improvement! 

We are so grateful for the quick responses and products that actually WORK! I tell people all the time how lucky I feel to have found this great company! Especially when the vets we have seen don’t really have any answers for us, except for putting her on foods that just aren’t healthy for a cat long term. Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart for helping us! Nala thanks you too!!  Sincerely- Velissa

March 2017

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my cat! I contacted you months ago after having months and months of issues with my young cat vomiting. After several vets and thousands of dollars later- they had no answers but possibly IBS. You guys recommended the IBS kit and also switching diets has made such an improvement in her vomiting! It was happening every couple of days and now it's been a few weeks! I'm just so grateful for your recommendation and that my cat is improving and I wanted to let you know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Sincerely, Velissa

IBD Kit--This kit includes 3 unique formulas that have been specially formulated for IBD and used successfully to help cats with inflammatory bowel disease.  The Kit includes Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief and NotaSAN Anti-Inflammatory Drops. When a pet has severe IBD, it is necessary to use a combination of formulas because they work differently to help reduce the symptoms and repair the intestinal lining.  We have seen many cats especially improve using these three formulas together.

Power Probiotic - Pure, safe and natural--absolutely no fillers!  Power Probiotic repopulates good intestinal flora which is essential for pets with malabsorption and digestive issues.  Power Probiotic supports your pet's bowel and immune health, reducing inflammation and improving digestive discomfort.  

Gastro ULC - Provides natural stomach acid relief, coating the stomach to relieve pain.  Many pets have an improved appetite after using Gastro ULC. 

Soothing Digestive Relief Gentle, effective formula for the treatment of any type of indigestion in pets. Helps with gas, loose stool, mucous in stool, tummy rumbling, diarrhea and malabsorption.  

NotaSAN Drops and Capsules – Natural homeopathic formula that controls inflammation and infection and helps with allergy symptoms.  Clients report improved well being overall.  Very important for pets with autoimmune conditions.  Gentle, easy to administer and safe for long-term use.