Monday, June 11, 2018

Natural Remedies Help Rescued Cat With Pillow Paw And Swollen Bloody Foot

"Kiyoshi was rescued March 2017, during the only snowfall, from my back yard. He was limping with a bloody foot. We caught him without much effort and took him to my vet. He was 8 months to one year old, having worms, ear mites, and possibly 'pillow foot'. He had to be quarantined from my other rescued kitty, Lily, until cleared.

I then started both cats with Ask Ariel's supplements: the Power Probiotics, NotaSAN, QuentaSAN, ProAller, Soothing Digestive and later tried Amazing Omegas and AllerEaze. It wasn't very long before Kiyoshi's paws healed and paw swelling completely reduced. ( Quickly enough for the vet to say that it possibly was allergies vs. autoimmunity. ) Lily benefited from the probiotics and digestives reducing stomach sensitivity. 

Kiyoshi is a sweet, gentle boy with a sensitive nature. All he wants is to be cuddled and loved. It amazes me how quickly he adjusted from the feral life to the laze about, fat boy style. You can see how safe and relaxed he is in this photo."  Jaymie M., Maryland