Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3 Reasons Not to Drive with Your Dog In the Back Of A Pickup

Have you ever been driving down the road and come upon a pickup truck that has a dog in the back? Many times it may appear the dog is enjoying the ride, but the pet owner is putting them at great risk for injury and death.  Humane Society estimates that over 100,000 dogs are injured or die each year from riding in the open bed of a pickup. Usually the injury occurs due to the dog being ejected, falling out accidentally, or incurring injury by being jostled.  A sudden stop, start or turn can toss your pet onto the highway.
Laws currently vary from state to state, regarding dogs riding in the bed, but as of 2017 only five states (California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.) have laws that forbid owners from doing so (some exemptions are allowed). Some states do have laws that require tethering of the dog while being in the open bed, which can create additional dangers, such as tangling, choking or even a pet being dragged on the road after falling out.

3 Reasons Not To Drive With Your Dog In the Back of A Pickup Truck

Eye, Ear or Nose Damage -  When traveling at high speeds, road debris can blow into your pet's eyes, ears or nose and cause permanent injury.  Insects and grit can lodge in their nasal passages.
Exhaust Inhalation- Inhaling exhaust fumes can cause irritation and inflammation of the air passages and respiratory distress.  Inhaling car exhaust is carcinogenic.
Death or Injury- Dogs cannot "hold on" and slip and slide in the back of the truck.  They can get easily tossed around and suddenly ejected.  Dogs can see something of interest and jump out of the car on their own.   Dogs are NOT SAFE in the back of a pickup truck, even if tethered.

Please don't allow your dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck, even if tethered, your pet is at high risk.  It's safest to either keep your dog at home or allow them to ride inside the cab with you.