Thursday, April 19, 2018

Honoring Rescuers During National Volunteer Week

In honor of National Volunteer week, we would just like to thank ALL of the wonderful rescuers across this country and abroad who are dedicated so much of their time, money and effort to save and rescue the lives of countless abandoned, neglected and homeless animals. When I ran Ariel Rescue (100 years ago), there was NO INTERNET. Now we can see the animals available for adoption at the shelters but in those awful times, there were barely lists of animals "to be destroyed".Thanks for all the wonderful rescuers, we are saving so many more lives because of your dedication and grateful for the help of technology too!
Here we are at the Husky Haven of Los Angeles adoption event last weekend. So many terrific volunteers! A few people applied for dogs but careful screening (impulse adoptions NOT a good idea!) some extra steps are needed to ensure proper fencing and here's hoping a few of the nice families will follow up and adopt!