Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Remembering Ariel The Amazing Dog And Inspiration For AskAriel.com

Ariel’s amazing life is the inspiration behind Ask Ariel. Why? Because Ariel led a life of good health that all of us---both human and animal would be grateful to attain. In fact, until a week before her death at 14 years of age (old for a 54 pound dog), Ariel was still running through the meadows, playing with her ball and enjoying a zest for life that few have ever seen. Ariel NEVER appeared to be an “old dog”.
Ariel was the first pet I had in my adult life.  Today is the 13th anniversary of her death.  Ariel was the mascot for our 501(c)(3) public charity Ariel Rescue.   Every weekend she accompanied our volunteer group greeting customers even when she was 14 years old!  Ariel taught me so much about holistic pet health and nutrition too.  While I miss her and think of her every single day, I am  so grateful for all the wonderful years we spent together and the incredible gifts her beautiful soul left to all of us.