Saturday, February 17, 2018

Help! My Pet Smells--Here is What You Can Do To Get Rid Of Smelly Odors

pet odor
You keep smelling that odor.  You try bathing your pet, cleaning the bedding and still the odor persists.   Sometimes you need to be a pet detective to figure out what the source of the odor is.  Pet odors are a warning sign that need your attention!

Smelly Skin and Coat Sometimes a pet owner might conclude "Oh that is just the way Rover smells" but in reality---there is something else going on whether it be an infection, poor diet or digestive issues. Although bathing a pet with medicated shampoos may help, if your pet still smells after having a bath, there may be an underlying health issue and it is a good idea to take your pet for a physical examination.

A common cause of skin odor is infection and allergies (both food and environmental). Pets may have parasitic, bacterial or yeast infections that should not be ignored.  Pets with skin problems. allergies and yeast are frequently reacting to their diet--almost always it contains allergens and too many carbohydrates!  Pets with these issues seem to fare on a raw frozen diet as these foods contain fresh enzymes, are lower in carbohydrates and contain "live" food. Dry foods can be harder to digest, can ferment in the bowel and can therefore promote yeast overgrowth.
ear infections
Stinky EarsIf you smell near your pet's ears and there is a strong odor, take your pet for a checkup right away. Ear infections, left untreated are very painful and can lead to deafness.  Many ear infections are due to yeast overgrowth and using the same protocol for smelly skin and coat would be advised.
cat veterinarian
Bad BreathPets need dental cleanings just like we do. Pets can develop infections in the mouth, have rotting teeth and inflamed gums.  For cats, stomatitis is a leading culprit with bad breath.  Symptoms of stomatitis include red, inflamed gums, mouth odor and reluctance to eat.  Using QuentaSAN and NotaSAN along with Power Probiotic can make a tremendous difference. If you have recently had your pet’s teeth cleaned and there is still a bad odor, then it could be poor digestion or acid stomach and Power ProbioticK9 Digestive Enzymes and Gastro ULC can help.   

Holistic Supplements for Smelly Pets
  • Power Probiotic for Pets-essential for your pet's good health. Supports digestion, helps fight infection and enhances overall immunity.  Very important if your cat has taken any antibiotics.
  • K-9 Yeast Defense-contains natural anti-fungal ingredients that kill off yeast and help rebalance the intestinal tract.  
  • Amazing Omegas- A research-backed, powerful source of omega-3 nutrients that controls allergies.  The best fish oil available for pets. 
  • AllerEaze-Pets with yeast tend to have allergies.  To help reduce your pet's allergy symptoms, you need to do more than just kill off the yeast.  By using AllerEaze along with the yeast protocol, you are giving your pet a natural antihistamine that helps calm down the allergic response.
  • NotaSAN-Natural homeopathic formula that fights inflammation and infections. First line of defense for infections in cats. Can be used safely long-term to prevent recurrences. Use with QuentaSAN for best results.
  • QuentaSAN - Natural homeopathic formula that fights redness and bacterial infections.  Essential for pets that have autoimmune and viral conditions.