Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why Do Dogs Bury Their Bones?

Thousands of years ago when dogs roamed the wild, burying bones and surplus food was a means of survival. Burying the food acted as a natural preservative (keeping it cooler and out of the sunlight), improved the flavor and provided a hiding place from scavengers. This ensured they would have a tasty treat available in times of need.

Dogs today still have this ancestral urge and you may notice them attempting to bury and hide their food and treats. However, food and bones are not the only things some dogs bury. Some dogs cannot resist shiny objects and often people will find their jewelry and bling buried under a cushion or in the dog’s bed. If this is a regular occurrence, it is important to know it usually occurs when the dog is lonely and bored, and an effort should be made to provide a source of entertainment to relieve boredom.