Saturday, January 27, 2018

Does Your Cat Long for Adventure?

Some cats are  happy remaining inside.  However, if your cat sits at the window staring longingly outside at the natural world, or bats at the window trying to get to that bird in the yard, you may have a kitty that needs some fresh air.

Many cat owners with good intentions do let their cats outside thinking it will be just for a short period of time.  But, there are many dangers:  attacks by dogs, other cats or predators such as coyotes, contracting diseases, getting hit by a car, confiscation, to name just a few.  The risks of letting a cat out on its own can often outweigh the potential benefits.  Fortunately there are other options to consider that might make your kitty happy and keep them safe.

Safe Options For Kitties Who Long For The Outdoors
  • Install an outdoor enclosure
  •  Walk your kitty with a harness
  • Carry your cat around while allowing them to sniff
  • Use a kitty stroller
  • Personal vest-type carrier
  • Create more vertical space within your home with trees and window perches