Monday, December 11, 2017

Can Cats See In The Dark?

Have you ever wondered what your cat sees at night? Can they really can see in the dark?

It is certain that cats see things very differently then you and I, but contrary to widespread belief, those glowing eyes cannot see in total darkness.  They can, however, see quite well in dim light. It is believed that eyesight has developed for survival purposes in both cats and humans. In nature, cats were nocturnal hunters and as such their eyesight developed to see in the night, so they can catch their prey. Human survival required us to see detail and colors as we were more fruit-eating diurnal animals and needed to discern what produce was right for eating.

Here is a comparison on what a cat sees vs. a human in dim light:

However, seeing better in the dark is not the only special ability of cat's eyes; cats also use their eyes to give "kisses". If you have found your cat staring at you and then they slowly blink consider yourself special... your cat just gave you a kiss.