Friday, October 27, 2017

Exercise Can Make Your Dog Happy

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“Star is very active. Her favorite form of exercise by far is to run and play catch. I take her out almost everyday. We either go to a dog park or to our local dog beach where she can run free and play catch with her ball. When we can't go out, I play catch in the house for about 20 minutes. I have lots of room to throw the ball so she can run. “ Beth and Star

There’s a reason why Star’s favorite form of exercise is running and playing catch - endorphins are released when dogs exercise at a certain intensity.  We have all heard the phrase “runner’s high” in athletes and the same holds true for dogs.  A good exercise session (and the release of the endorphins) may help with some of these common behavioral problems too.
  • Compulsive Behaviors-  tail chasing and chewing. *Be sure to rule out allergies or other skin condition.
  • Puppy and Adolescent Hyperactivity- puppies are VERY active…a tired dog is a happy dog. A bored puppy can cause a lot of trouble.  
  • Anxiety- the endorphins from exercise can help to calm an anxious pup.
  • Lick Granuloma- the skin lesions caused by obsessive licking are often started from anxiety.  Researchers believe the act of licking may release endorphins and exercise can release the same endorphins helping to reduce the likelihood of lick granulomas.