Thursday, August 24, 2017

In Memory Of A Precious Wheaten Terrier

In Memory of A Special Friend and Client of Ask Ariel:
"Our dear, sweet wheaten terrier Biscuit crossed over the rainbow bridge on Friday August 18, 2017.  Biscuit was only supposed to be a visitor but she captured our hearts for all of the years she was with us.  I have a wheaten terrier Murphy and my friend fell in love with my dog and decided to get a dog of the same breed.  Although she checked with her landlord before bringing the dog home, he ultimately said that she could not keep the dog.  She asked if I would "babysit" until she found another place and then that babysitting assignment turned into a 12 year love affair.  

Biscuit was a lover and we teasingly called her "mama bear" because all she wanted to do was mother any little dog that she came across.  It was a shame that she never had pups of her own but she transferred that love to any human or animal that she met.  We will miss our beautiful girl but so thankful for the love and sweetness that she graced us with while she was on this earth."  Lynette, California