Monday, July 24, 2017

Want to Pick Up Less Dog Poop?

Want to reduce the amount of daily poop to clean up? Feed your pet a raw frozen diet. Pets digest the REAL food found in a raw diet and have much smaller poops. Brands such as Stella & Chewys, Primal and Instinct offer balanced nutrition containing real meat, vegetables and omega oils. This is more natural for a cat or dog to eat so there is less poop! Pets that eat kibble have much more stool as kibble is made with carbohydrates, much of which remains undigested.  This is especially true of reduced calorie pet diets that aim to temporarily reduce your pet's hunger by adding questionable ingredients such as peanut hulls.  Instead, feed your overweight pet a high protein diet to stabilize blood sugar and reduce hunger pangs.  Basically, feeding your dog high carb kibble diets is literally throwing your money and your pet's health down the drain.    Click here to learn more about the benefits of a raw frozen diet

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