Thursday, July 13, 2017

Elderly Chesapeake Retriever Mo Returns Home after Surviving 9 Months in the Idaho Wilderness

Darwin and Cindy Cameron were on a hunting trip in September when their dog Mo, a 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, managed to get loose and disappear. They searched for four weeks day and night to no avail.
Their posting on Facebook yielded some sightings, but Mo, being a bit skittish could never be caught.  As the fall turned to winter the Cameron’s hopes began to fade.  They never stopped thinking about Mo and trying to find her.

In the middle of June 2017, a rancher found a dog that collapsed on his ranch.  The dog was flea invested and skin and bones.  He dropped her off at the Chesapeake Rescue.  Luckily, Cheri Glankler with the Rescue remembered the story of Mo and contacted the Camerons to be reunited. After being lost for 288 days in the Idaho wilderness, Mo was finally home.

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