Thursday, April 6, 2017

Probiotics Help Rescue Dogs Find Loving Homes

Throw Back Thursday--Rescue dog Spirit pictured here in front of PETsMART about 15 years ago. I rescued him from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles and brought him to our adoption fair in Orange County. Spirit was having digestive issues and loose stool making it hard to place him. My experience in dog rescue helped me to gain knowledge about the value of holistic care for pets. In the rescue world, it is much harder to find homes for big dogs than small ones. All of our Ariel Rescue dogs were taken to the veterinarian for a full exam before adopting them out, but a big dog with loose stool was a deal breaker. Knowing about the value of probiotics for humans, we gave the probiotics a try. Success! Spirit found a loving home and we started using probiotics with the rescue dogs. A few years later Ask Ariel was founded and we developed our Power Probiotic based on these wonderful results. .#rescuedogs #naturaldog #petnutrition #doglovers #rescuedogsofinstagram #petsupplements #petsupplies