Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Benefits of Freeze Dried Raw Diets, Toppers and Treats For Pets

While raw frozen diets may be the gold standard of pet nutrition, not everyone can use them all the time due to a variety of factors such as cost, travel and refrigeration requirements.   Some pets may not like the taste or texture of raw frozen diets and their high fat and protein content may not be appropriate for certain pets.  As a convenient alternative to raw frozen diets, some manufacturers have introduced freeze-dried raw food which retains many of the benefits of raw but is more convenient and doesn't require freezing or refrigeration.   Freeze dried diets, treats and toppers seem to be especially tasty!  Some pets that won't eat raw frozen food will gobble up the freeze dried version from the same manufacturer which contains the identical ingredients! 

Freeze dried food is more nutritious than dry kibble or dehydrated food as the freeze-drying process retains much of the nutrient value since the food is not exposed to high temperatures.    Freeze dried foods use pressure to remove moisture.  This is in contrast to dehydrated foods which use low heat for an extended period of time to removed moisture and dry kibble which is cooked at high temperatures, resulting  in the loss of many nutrients.  Freeze dried raw and raw frozen food are also highly digestible as they contain a minimum of carbohydrates and contain food in its most natural state.  This means better nutrition for your pet and less pooh pickup for you!  While there are many brands of freeze dried raw food and treats, our favorites include Instinct, Stella and Chewys, Primal and Halo (treats).