Monday, February 27, 2017

What Are Soybean Hulls and Why Are They in Your Dog's Food?

Ingredient of the Week #1:  Soybean Hulls

Each week, we will be featuring a pet food ingredient to help pet owners be more aware of what is in their pet's food.  Sometimes the ingredient may be a healthy ingredient and sometimes it may not.  Our goal is not to pick on brands or pet food manufacturers but rather to encourage you to READ the LABEL!  If you can't pronounce an ingredient in your pet's food, then maybe it shouldn't be there.

What Are Soybean Hulls?

Seriously, do you really want this in your pet's food? Soybean hulls are an inexpensive filler used to add bulk to animal feeds.  It is seen in reduced calorie pet foods as a source of fiber so the pet feels satiated.  Why not add nutrient rich sources of fiber to your pet's food such as green beans or pumpkin? Soybean hulls are the skins of soybeans and a waste product remaining after processing soybeans into oil and meal.  Soybean hulls offer little nutritional value, if any, and can be problematic for a variety of reasons.

First, do you really want soybeans in your pet's food to begin with, let alone the WASTE PRODUCT of soybeans.  Most soybeans are genetically modified (contain GMOs) but pet food manufacturers like to add soybean oil, meal and hulls because they are an inexpensive form of oil, protein and bulk.  High levels of the chemical pesticide RoundUp are found in GMO soy--a potential carcinogen for your cat or dog.  The soybean itself contains toxins that can be hard to digest for some pets and cause gastic distress.  Soy also interferes with thyroid function AND is linked to seizures in cats and dogs.  The list goes on and on.  We do not recommend feeding your pets treats or pet foods containing soy and especially not soybean hulls.  Some common brands containing soybean hulls:  Hills prescription diets (some varieties), Hills Science Diet Light, Purina Dog Chow Light.

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