Monday, January 23, 2017

Many Cats and Dogs Are Allergic to Poultry (chicken, turkey, etc)

DID YOU KNOW.... poultry is a big allergen for both dogs and cats. Pets can have digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea or skin problems, itching and scratching
You may want to take a closer look at what you are feeding your pet. Poultry is one of the most common ingredients in pet food. However, poultry allergies in dogs and cats is a big problem. Even if your pet is not allergic to poultry per se, your cat or dog could be intolerant of it. Poultry is a common food allergy for allergic pets in the same way that dairy can be for many allergic people. It can cause a great deal of inflammation, which in turn weakens the immune system.

What's a pet owner to do? Most pets love chicken & turkey .......Sure, you want to spoil your pet, but try taking a ride on the wild side and look into some exotic flavors such as rabbit or venison. There are lots of tasty freeze dried, raw and canned options. 

 Please limit or avoid dry food as it is much harder to digest and can contribute to yeast overgrowth and digestive problems. Dry food is not an ideal option for cats since they are not great water drinkers and can benefit from a high moisture diet to prevent urinary tract problems.  

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