Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Digestive Enzymes Help Dog's Food Allergies and Upset Stomach

Here is my little 13,  almost 14-year-old Welsh Terrier Bryn. She was the runt of a litter of EIGHT! and has been amazingly healthy though smaller than typical.  Her only issues have been major food allergies.  I feed her a homemade diet with a vet-made supplement and she also gets homemade treats (she loves my gluten-free ginger snaps!).  I started using the Ask Ariel Soothing Digestive Relief with every meal because the little scavenger that she is, she is often able to scrounge some of her big sister's treats or odd things she finds outside.  This capsule (I give her about 1/3 capsule with each of her two daily meals) has been perfect for eliminating the upset stomach she would awaken with after eating something forbidden.  Thanks so much for inventing it! 
Amanda McBride- North Carolina 2016

Food allergies are a common condition that effect many dogs.  The symptoms can vary from pet to pet, some dogs will have digestive problems like Bryn, but others will have skin issues and still others might have chronic inflammation that weakens their overall immune system. 
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