Monday, December 26, 2016

Benign Sebaceous Growth On Husky's Paw

Here's our beloved rescue dog Legend celebrating with our girls. He is wearing a sock because we found a malleable, protruding tumor on his paw a few days ago that Dr. Gordon removed immediately. Any tumors on the feet or paws can signal cancer and need emergency attention. So blessed to receive the report on XMAS that Legend's tumor is a benign, sebaceous growth!

This is Legend's second tumor.  The first was melanoma on his eye.  Please familiarize yourself with the warning signs of cancer.  We check Legend all the time and he just happened to be lying comfortably on his back with his feet up in the air.  Underneath the fur,  I noticed a TINY red, bleeding area which I thought was a cut as he loves to run in the woods.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a formed mass.  Any small growths on the paws require immediate attention as these lumps could very well be cancer which can appear to be "nothing".  The sooner the growth is removed, the less risk your pet has of metastasis.  In our case, we were very fortunate and now know that Siberian huskies are susceptible to these type of benign tumors.   Please don't wait---show your vet any growths to be sure they are benign.