Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tips To Minimize Your Pet's Stress When You Travel

Taking one last trip for the summer?  It's so hard to leave our pets behind when we travel.  Here are a few tips to relieve stress on your pet:

  •  Consider a pet sitter instead of taking your pet to a boarding facility.  Ask your vet, neighbors and friends about who they use when they travel. Keeping your pet in a comfortable environment is key.  For ex: offers pet sitters in many locations that you can research and meet beforehand. 
  • If you do have to take your pet to a facility, ask about doggie day care.  Even if your pet has never been to doggie day care, many pets enjoy the companionship and activity that doggie day care can provide.  Avoid if possible, leaving your pet in a cage with minimal contact.  See about extended walks if your dog isn't social.
  •  Bring your pet's regular food to the boarding facility (divided into normal meals). Pets have sensitive stomachs so keeping their diet consistent and providing supportive supplements such as: Power Probiotic for Pets, Soothing Digestive Relief for Pets, or K-9 Digestive Enzymes can help minimize the occurrence of problems during their stay.
  •  Make sure to leave any necessary items that will help keep your pet be calm and happy while you are gone.  (Perhaps a special toy or blanket)  
  • If you give your pets supplements, put them in separate meal baggies to make it easy for the caregiver to administer.  For ex: breakfast packets, dinner packets etc
  •  Make sure to leave all emergency numbers including:  your contact phone number, a local emergency contact, and your veterinarian.
  • Make some special treats for your pet using food they already consume (don't try new foods while you are away!).  For ex:  stuff a kong ball with canned food and freeze or bake treats from regular canned food.