Sunday, May 8, 2016

Holistic Supplements and Diet help Archie the Scottish Terrier

We love hearing  success stories from our happy clients who use holistic care to help their pets. Here is one we received recently...we are so thrilled to hear Archie is doing so well!

We wanted to let you know how great Archie is doing with all the help you have given us.  With Archie being a Scottie we have had to deal with Scottie Cramp and the possibility of Cushings.  When he developed Scottie Cramp the breeder told us to not expose him to any of the causes that made the Scottie cramp happen.  Instead, with your help, we exposed him to the causes which are anything that made him excited.  By doing this we made the causes a norm in his life which have diminished the cramp or done away with it all together.  His legs are now strong and he can go up and down the stairs without any help.  By watching his blood tests we have been monitoring his ALK Phosphates and Cortisol levels.  When they started to increase, we added Canine Cushing support.  After being on the product six months his water intake is back to normal and so far his blood work is stabilizing.  Along with the Cushing support he is on a raw diet and a number of other supplements (Lypozyme, Special SAMe for dogs, Gastro ULC, and Amazing Omegas) you have recommended for balance.   We want to thank you so much for all the help and care for “Archie”.

Rich, Patty and “Archie” California 2016