Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Tail: Dog Lost at Sea Reunited with Owner

Luna-waiting to be reunited with her owner

On February 10, 2016, Nick Haworth was out fishing with his trusty companion, a one year old German Shepherd named Luna, when she fell off the boat into the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, California.  He contacted the authorities and told them she was a strong swimmer and would be heading toward land. The closest land was a Navy facility on San Clemente Island (2 miles away). The Navy aided in the search to no avail and Luna was presumed lost at sea. Haworth posted on his Facebook page "RIP Luna, you will be greatly missed.”  

That all changed on Tuesday, March 15th, five weeks after being lost, when Luna showed up with tail wagging to greet the navy crew as they showed up for work.  She did not miss a step and jumped right in the car when they whistled for her. After being examined, it was determined that Luna was uninjured, but a bit malnourished (a diet of small rodents seemed to help her survive). Haworth was out of town when he first received the news, but they were reunited on Thursday when he returned. What a happy ending to the story!