Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Honor the Military Dogs Today

Today we would like to honor all the men,women and DoGS who have served in our military to help keep us safe. Here is the History as documented by the American Humane Association
2015 American Humane Association Military Dog Finalist
Rambo (Converse, TX) – Sgt. Rambo was an active Marine Corps military dog working in an explosive detection unit based out of Cherry Point, N.C. Rambo conducted 622 missions on base and in his local community. Rambo was medically retired due to a left shoulder injury and in November 2012 had to have that limb amputated. Rambo has gone on to be Alamo Honor Flight’s mascot, accompanying countless World War II veterans to Washington, D.C.and also serves as the mascot for Gizmo's Gift, a non-profit organization which supports retired services dogs.

Military working dogs first entered the service in 1942 to serve in the Army’s K-9 Corps. Today, these dogs, who have an actual military service record book assigned to them, are still playing an active role in searching for explosives and seizing enemies. Military working dogs have been used by the U.S. armed forces since World War I. In World War II, 436 scout dogs walked combat patrols overseas, often detecting the enemy at a 1,000 yards, long before the enemy became aware of them. Dogs continued to serve with distinction in other conflicts, such as Korea, where the Army used about 1,500 dogs, primarily for guard duty. During the Vietnam War, nearly 4,000 dogs were employed and, officially, 281 were killed in action. Today’s conflicts include dogs at every level, still serving our country, helping to protect our troops. American Humane Association