Monday, October 26, 2015

Beagle's Pancreatitis Helped with Use of Natural Supplements

Holly (on the right) with Daisy and Precious

"I just want to let you know I have a 13 year old beagle who was diagnosed with pancreatitis.*  She wouldn’t eat and she also already had congestive heart failure and liver disease.  Her liver score was so high it wouldn’t register on a chart.  I was desperate and searched the internet and found your product (Pancreatitis Support Kit).  I was worried it wouldn’t get to me in time to help her, luckily it did.  Twenty-four hours after giving her first pills, which I had to do by mouth, she very slowly started to improve.  I had planned to go away within the month and had someone coming in to take care of my dogs.  I typed up a daily chart to take care of Holly after the second week of treatment.  By the time I actually left and reviewed the chart to give my friend, it was completely different.  Holly has improved dramatically and has the energy of a dog years younger.  She is actually behaving better now than before she got pancreatitis.  Your pancreatic and liver care kit will remain a part of her daily care.

Thank you for giving me back my baby,
Williamsport, PA, (2015)

*Pancreatitis is inflammation and swelling of the pancreas. It can occur in mild or severe forms and can be triggered by eating table scraps or a fatty meal.  Pets can also get pancreatitis from eating spoiled food so be careful to keep trash tightly closed.

With a change to a hypoallergenic, low fat, high fiber diet and using Ask Ariel's Pancreatitis Kit, pets can recover and lead a healthy lifestyle.