Monday, July 6, 2015

Dogs Run For Their Lives on July 4th

July 4th aftermath. Pictured is a neighbor's deaf white husky playing with our dog Legend. The dog is neglected and stays at our home for extra TLC whenever we are given permission by the owner. He looks so happy here but not on July 4th. There were 2 beautiful July 4th shows near our home and he was inconsolable, panting, pacing and terrified. As soon as the fireworks started, even though he was inside the house, he ran to the front door and tore the screen, frantically trying to run. The dogs don't know where to run, they are just afraid they "run for their lives". What is amazing is that he is deaf but the vibrations of the booms must affect him. Legend did not have an issue at all. Some dogs are more afraid than others.  Many dogs will run and run not knowing where they are going just to try to escape the scary noise.  Many pets are now at the shelters awaiting pickup so please, if your animal is missing, head to the shelter right away.