Friday, May 1, 2015

Maltese Mix Is Free of UTIs With Diet Changes and Supplements


"Just want to say "THANK YOU"!  THANK YOU”! Took your advice and had vet take urine with her fasting and her PH was 7 this month…Blood test and urinalysis came out good. (She has been UTI free since on your diet plan & supplements)  Lilly was 8 years old last November 17, 2014.  She has battled UTI 's from spring of 2012 until I found you on the internet in July 2013.  I was a little skeptical at first, but I tried it anyway, and glad I did, as it worked.  You have helped Lilly much." 

Renee Minnesota 2015

When Renee contacted us, in July 2013, she was upset and frustrated. At that time, she said “I have spent hundreds in the last two months. Lilly had a urinary tract infection (UTI) last month and now this month, she also had an infection last year. I need your help…”

Susan Davis, Pet Nutritionist, recommended changing her diet to a grain-free, hypoallergenic diet, which would help reduce the potential for infection and improve her health overall. She also recommended that Renee avoid poultry, ALL GRAINS (biscuits, treats with oatmeal, bread, etc), beef, peanut butter, cheese (all dairy) and corn permanently.

Renee used the following holistic supplements to help boost Lilly's immune system and prevent future UTIs with much success:
Pet UTI Prevention Formula- Helps clear bacteria and pathogens from the urinary tract, present in UTI infections, reduce inflammation and help promote healing.
Power Probiotic for Pets- The organisms in this product will help stabilize and maintain a healthy intestinal probiotic ecosystem and help keep the GI tract ph balance stable.
Notatum Drops- is very helpful for any type of infection. Works to boost your pet's immune system from the inside out.  This product is very helpful if your pet has been on antibiotics as it helps to prevent recurrence of an infection. Use with Quentans for best results.
Quentans Drops --use with Notatum to stop the cycle of chronic infections.  Excellent for UTIs, upper respiratory infections and viruses.
Amazing Omegas for Pets- contains the highest quality, purest fish oil available on the market. 

We are so happy that Lilly has had such great results!