Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

                                                                halloween kitty

1) Candy, gum and diet candies can be toxic to pets, especially  if they contain Xylitol.   Doublecheck before you leave your home and at bedtime to make sure that the candy and gum have been put away in a secure cabinet.

2) Watch out for  burning candles and cords.  Pets can easily knock them over, starting a fire.  Electrical cords and lighting can be chewed on.   Also if you are cooking with a gas stove, it's easy to accidentally leave the stove on.

3) Doorbells and guests can be scary to pets.    Even a very calm dog might snap if a guest in dark clothing comes through the door.  If your pet is skittish, please keep them on a leash for their protection and your guests.

4)  We all get busy when guests are coming over, but even if it is earlier than usual, try to ensure your pets are fed before guests arrive.